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Welcome to the Future

3D Printers use a process called additive manufacturing to from (or “print”) physical objects layer by layer until the model is complete.

Get Started with 3D Printing Today

Step 1

Click here to sign up for our intro class: 3D Printing 1: Intro and Makerbot Machine Training

Step 2

Attend an assisted practice session to get comfortable running the machines.
  • Available to Hexlab monthly members ONLY
  • Become a member here: Hexlab membership
  • Group practice sessions are Wed 6-9pm & Sun 12:30-5pm.

If you prefer to work on your own, you may also come in during open hours and ask a team member for help.

Step 3

3D Print one of our example parts. Show your successful printed object to an instructor and they will sign you off as an makerbot approved user.
NOW you are approved to come use our makerbot style 3d printers!
  • Available to members only
  • Members pay only a small consumables/material fee when using machines.
  • Makerbot approved members can also get trained on our advanced machines (see below)

Member benefits include: access to use our tools and machines, attend free member social events and project build nights

3D Printing Machines Available

Makerbot Style

Makerbot Style (Type of 3D printing - FDM)
		Materials available: ABS, PLA, Carbon Fiber, high-temp
Printer Method: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Formlabs Form 2

formlabs form 2
Printing Method: SLA (Stereolithography)

Autodesk Ember

Autodesk Ember 3D Printer
Printing Method: DLP (Digital Light Processing)

Object 30 Prime

Object Prime
Printing Method: Resin (PolyJet)

Inspiration and Project Ideas to Get you Started!

Cell Lamp
Cell Lamp
Spiral Vase
3D Vase
Hinged Box
hinged box
Raspberry Pi Case